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Project MAME   WeeCade   Taitorama

 2 Player Up-Right
Project MAME was my first MAME cabinet and one of the full size cabinets that has the smallest footprint due to LCD monitor design.

2 Player Bartop
This is the WeeCade, probably the most popular bartop cabinet design you'll find. Most people start here.
2 Player Up-Right
My brother and I made the Taitorama together. This is based on a original Taito cabinet, but much less depth due to LCD panel design.
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VertiCade Nanocade econ




 1 Player Vertical Bartop
Just finished this build. This time it's a more simple 1 player vertical cabinet. Made for the absolut best performance in vertical games.

Acrylic Micro Bartop
Nanocade is an acrylic micro bartop cabinet. This is my favourite cabinet by far.
econ - Emulation Console
All in one emulation console with build in arcade controls for your HDTV.
Nanocade ArcadeStik   ADVERTISING


Have you visited
Koenig's DIY

Nanocade ArcadeStik
Arcade stick in acrylics

Dear Fellow Retro Gamers

This is my guide to building a  MAME cabinet. Click on the "step by step" link in the top and see how it is made from scratch. You will find custom artwork for Marquee , side art , kick plate , bezel and working drawings in both PDF and Autocad format for the MAME cabinets.

I really hope these articles will inspire you to make your own arcade MAME cabinet,
it's a loads of fun. Feel free to use my drawings and artwork to make your own MAME cabinet. Remember to send me your photos of your finished cabinet to share with others!



If you this free guide to make your own MAME cabinet, please feel free to make a donation. I'm trying to raise enough money to make new cabinets and keep this homepage running. Thanks!

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19.08.13 - Upgrading the Nanocade 2013: Go here
12.08.13 - econ drawings is online! Go get them.
08.08.13 - Nanocade drawings for laser cutting is now free to download!
07.08.13 - New advertiser on
03.07.13 - Wiki updated! Go here
25.06.13 - Minor updates to the homepage. Nothing worth mentioning.
23.04.12 - VertiCade plans online! Go here!
21.04.12 - The VertiCade project finished. Go here!
10.04.12 - The VertiCade project updated. Go here!
06.04.12 - The VertiCade project finally took off! Go here!
26.02.12 - New project started MAME cabinet in wood with vertical monitor!
20.11.11 - Sorry about few updates recently - I am doing other project at the moment :)
13.10.11 - econ is for sale - Look here: BYOAC sale thread
04.06.11 - Nanocade instruction booklets uploaded and can be found under drawings.
02.04.11 - Watch the new Weecade video by Dave Filet here - Totally recommended!
25.03.11 - New guide - Basic Wiring Guide
18.03.11 - econ step by step part 1 online. Go here
18.03.11 - Major update on the homepage. All links corrected now.
16.03.11 - New project! - econ - arcade emulator - Coming soon!
26.02.11 - New project! - The Nanocade ArcadeStik - Go here for step by step
10.02.11 - The Nanocade KIT is ready to be sold! Go here!
07.02.11 - The Nanocade KIT is almost ready to be sold! Go here for a teaser!
02.02.11 - The Nanocade KIT is almost ready to be sold! Go here for info!
30.01.11 - See the final pictures of Nanocade - Go here
28.01.11 - The forum is closed and a Facebook group is opened instead. Visit here
28.01.11 - The Nanocade step by step is updated all to page 6! Go here!
24.01.11 - The Nanocade step by step is updated! Go here!
22.01.11 - The Nanocade step by step is updated! Go here!
21.01.11 - The Nanocade step by step is updated! Go here!
20.01.11 - The Nanocade construction has started! Go here for updates!
30.12.10 - The new cabinet is a bit delayed now, will be finished in january :(
30.12.10 - New Weecade inspired cabinet in "User Projects" Look here!
19.12.10 - New Taitorama inspired cabinet in "User Projects" Look here!
10.12.10 - First Taitorama inspired cabinet in "User Projects" Look here!
20.11.10 - I'm working on a secret cabinet - First pictures in December :)
20.11.10 - Lots and lots of new cabinets under User Projects.
Look here
18.09.10 - New cool MAME cabinet in "They made one too" section!
17.09.10 - New awesome cabinet in "They made one too" section!
12.09.10 - Wiki and faq updated - Remember to visit the forum!
27.05.10 - The user forum is open. Go post your MAME project now!
26.05.10 - Weecade Autocad plans available now. Go get them here

26.05.10 - Mame Cabinet Builders Wiki updated. Go here
19.05.10 - Control Panel drawings for TaitoRama complete! Download here
18.05.10 - TaitoRama working drawing online! Get it here
14.05.10 - TaitoRama cabinet added!!! Drawings and artwork coming soon!
08.05.10 - Fonts for the Weecade and Project MAME can be downloaded here.
08.05.10 - The homepage design has been updated and improved ;)
03.05.10 - FAQ updated with many new answers to common questions I get in the mailbox
03.05.10 - The Wiki is updates with many new entries.
02.05.10 - Three new cabinets in "They made one too" section!
29.04.10 - Two new cabinets in "They made one too" section
29.04.10 - Huge update on Mame Cabinet Archive
28.04.10 - Wiki updated! Go here
19.09.09 - Two Weecade and one Project Mame clone added, check them out here
19.05.09 - Going to travel Asia for 6 month starting 4th july. Don't expect any updates :D
19.05.09 - Basic Guide to MAME software... See it here
12.11.08 - First WeeCade spinoff made, see it here
08.09.08 - Picture of the finished WeeCade here
26.08.08 - WeeCade skin for Maximus Arcade finally available here
26.08.08 - Control Panel in Autocad format for laser cutting here
25.08.08 - mm to inches converter added. Find it here
23.08.08 - Pictures of my custom skinned front-end in step by step
23.08.08 - Link updated with many new MAME building links. Go here
22.08.08 - New WeeCade video uploaded! Go here
21.08.08 - Wiki and faq updated.
20.08.08 - WeeCade PDF artwork uploaded! Find it here
19.08.08 - WeeCade Video added here!
19.08.08 - Cabinet is almost finished. Look in step by step ;)
18.08.08 - Step by step updated again and again...
16.08.08 - Step by step updated again :D
16.08.08 - Step by step updated with new pictures!
15.08.08 - Work drawings for WeeCade here
15.08.08 - System specs for WeeCade added here
14.08.08 - WeeCade added to "Step by Step"!
14.08.08 - The WeeCade! New mame cabinet is made. Visit every day for new updates!

09.08.08 - New pictures in "hall of shame" section. Go see here

06.04.08 - Links section updated with links to more arcade parts
12.03.08 - New Video of the new Project MAME interface. Watch it here.
09.03.08 - Mame builders WiKi updated - Find it here
05.03.08 - New video with Maximus Arcade interface and front-end here
02.03.08 - Builders Wiki - even more words added.
29.02.08 - "Mame Cabinet Archive" Added. Remember to submit your cabinet
27.02.08 - The specs page and the links page has been updated


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