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User Projects
This is other cabinets based on the designs on
this homepage. Submit yours here here!

Project Mame    -    WeeCade    -    Taitorama   -   Nanocade


Based on Project MAME


Name: Borderlands 2 cabinet
Build by: Steve Hunt
Country: UK

Steve's Blog at ColdBeamGames

This cabinet is very well done with fantastic side art. One of my favourite Project MAME style cabinets for sure!


Build by: Chris Dalgaard
Country: Denmark

Link: BYOAC forum

This is my current favourite Project MAME cabinet. I love the artwork, the t-moulding, the monitor size etc. Very nicely done!


Name: Arcadium
Build by: Edvin & Ivve Vrbanovic
Country: Sweden

Link: ?

Really original artwork. Cudos!


Name: CalArcade
Build by: Airtor Calvente
Country: Spain
Year: 2011

Link: Zona Arcade

Sleek, neat and modern looking. Nice touch with the speakers too - I always love Mario


Name: The Game Hole
Build by: Dave Tansley
Country: UK
Year: 2010

Link: Gallery

Great colours and artwork


Name: Maiden Cab
Build by:
Darryl Sirgunas
Country: Australia
Year: 2011

Link: -



Name: TMNT Arcade Machine
Build by:
Dustin Redlich (2009)
Country: Germany

Link: -



Name: Project Mame (4)
Build by: Chris Maltbie
Country: Maryland, USA

Link: -


Name: Arcade Fever
Build by: Lars Rohr Thomsen
Country: Denmark

Link: ?

Nice clean look- Reminds me of Project Mame before the sideart. I like it this way


Name: Project Mame (2)
Build by: Rene Kristensen
Country: Denmark

Link: ?


Name: Project Mame (3)
Build by: Torben Ring
Country: Denmark



Name: Arcade Collector
Build by: Alexandre
Country: France




Name: Djævlens Hule
(Devil's Lair)

Build by: Jeppe
Country: Denmark
Year finished: 2011

Link: -



Name: Project Mame (5)
Build by: BigPete405

Link: Project MAME with a more traditional MAME artwork. Looks nice.


Name: Arcade Classics
Build by: Thomas Knøs
Country: DK

Youtube video of Arcade Classics

This guy lives pretty close to me in Northern Jutland.



If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.


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