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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
The questions are based on the mails i recieve from you. Please mail me if you have any other questions



What tools do I need to make a MAME cabinet?

Well, that depends on your creativity, some Canadian dude might come a long way with just a Leatherman, but most people will need the basic tools. With the basic tools you can make the whole MAME cabinet, but the helpfull tools will make things even easier and much nicer, but isn't essential.
Basic tools: Jigsaw, powerdrill, screwdriver, crosscut saw (lexan and plexi), 28mm hole saw and sandpaper.
Helpfull tools: Milling machine, pad sander and circular saw.

How much will a cabinet like the Project MAME cost?

You can't put a price on true love, but that totally depends on where you live.
Not including the computer and monitor, the cabinet and controls will cost about $200-$400. All the artwork will cost you somewhere between $100-$300.
I made the whole cabinet, everything included, for $1400, but Denmark is one of the most expensive places in the world.


How did you bend the control panel?

The bend on the control panel is made by a professional bending machine. You have to contact a metal workshop yourself to find someone who can make it for you.

How did cut the control panel?

The control panel is cut with a professional laser cutter. You have to contact a metal workshop yourself to find someone who can make it for you.

How did mount the joysticks?

Four bolts are welted on the backside of the control panel using a very special welding machine made just for that purpose.

You can buy this joystick bracket and mount your joysticks the same way:
Nanocade Invisible Joystick Bracket v2

Free shipping all over the world.

Can I please make a donation to repay you for the drawings and to support your next MAME project?

Please feel free to make any kind of donation right here:
I hope to raise enough money to start making the next project very soon.

How much will a cabinet like the WeeCade cost?

Somewhere between $500 and $900

Do you sell premade control panels?

No, you just have to make them yourself ;) Sorry about that.

Why are there no measurements on your cabinet drawings?

Actually there are measurements on the drawings, but they are in millimetres (metric) and you just have to use my converter if in doubt.  Go here

Will the Weecade fit a 19" monitor (4:3)

It's going to be pretty tight fit, but there are already many users who made Weecade clones with 19" inch monitors.

Why didn't you just restore an old arcade cabinet?

I wanted to make a MAME cabinet that met my needs completely in size and shape. The only way to accomplish this, was to make one from scratch. Also I couldn't find any cheap old cabinets, so it was cheaper to build one myself. It's a lot of fun to make your own cabinet too. I recommend it to everyone.

How many pushbuttons do I need to have?

Well, what kind of games du you play? If Ms Pacman is the only game you like, you need zero pushbuttons. If you like fighting games, you need at least 4 pushbuttons for every player.

How much time have you put into the cabinet?

Too long. About 250 hours, including designing and setting up the software. The second time building one, It probably would be around 100 hours. Expect to use more time and money than you expected.

Actually I only used about 100 hours on WeeCade, so I was right ;)

How much does Project MAME weigh?

At least as much as your girlfriend did when you met her. That would be around 60 Kg or 125 pounds.

How much does Weecade weigh?

30 Kg or 125 pounds.

What font did you use for Project MAME artwork?

I used the freeware font GENOTYPE. You can download it here.

What font did you use for the Weecade artwork?

I used the freeware font Lakmus Fenotype. You can download it here.

Why use a LCD monitor and not a real arcade monitor?

Your girlfriend lies. Size does matter... Living in a flat, smaller is better. But I love the feel of a real arcade monitor though...

Where do I buy the arcade parts for the cabinet?

Here in Europe, I recommend and In USA is a good place. You can also find good deals on ebay. Try Google.

Where do I find games?

Don't ask questions about games. Really, don't.

Do girlfriends like MAME cabinets?

They love them just as much as they love when you fix your Harley on the living room table. Maybe even more.

Why did you build it?
My mother and girlfriend asked me the same question. I just couldn't find the answer to that questions. But I won't have to, you guys know why! All guys know why, it's that simple really.

Are you planning to build another MAME cabinet?

Of course I am, what stupid question is that? :D When you build your first cabinet, you just know it will not be the last cabinet you build. It is as addictive as heroin.

Well, now I have build the WeeCade. Still don't think it will be my last cabinet though.

Well, now I have build the Nanocade too. Aren't going to stop here :)

Can I buy your cabinet?

Everything can be bought for the right price. Mail me :D

The Project MAME cabinet is sold though, but I still have the WeeCade...



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