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The making of the Nanocade ArcadeStik
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Design &

The back ground for building the ArcadeStik KIT is that I wanted to make a nice arcade joystick that looked better than the ones you can buy from X-arcade and others and at the same time is very easy to build. I think I accomplished the latter, after receiving my kit, only two hours passed before I had a working arcade joystick. I let you be the judge on how it looks. After all, looks are totally subjective.

Buy the ArcadeStik KIT here

I would like to thank Andy at and for sponsoring some of the parts for this project. I can definitely recommend both places for great support and great products. Now go buy some pushbuttons and joysticks.


After countless hours of designing and trying to solve all problems before receiving the prototype, it's totally nerve wrecking to actually open the kit and see if everything is as you imagined it to be.
Fortunately everything looked even better than I expected and all edges was much smoother than I hope for.
Here the excess material is removed and you can see all the parts of the kit, except the transparent bottom panel.
Starting with finding a right angled wall and table to bond the first two parts with the solvent (Acrifix 116, same as Weld-on #16, I recommend both for this kind of build).
It was so fast to assemble that I forgot to take a picture of the other side. So now you see both the back and the two sides.
The box is pretty much finished, now I just need to make the mouldings for the bottom panel.
I just marked where the moulding needed to bond and then held it on for about two minutes.
Same procedure here...

Its hard to see on this picture, but remember the small triangles in the kit? They are used to reinforce the mouldings, look beneath the moulding.

This half-moon shaped piece is for supporting the bottom panel. Then you apply the rubber feet, the bottom panel is carrying all the weight. There is another half-moon shaped piece in the other side too.


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If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.




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