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The making of the Nanocade Mame cabinet
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Design &


A small bracket for the two usb ports is placed in the corner. This should increase the surface area for the glue. Some moulding is also mounted to stop the bottom panel from bending to the inside.

You can also see the grinding I made to make the PicoPSU fit under the monitor panel.

The control panel is reinforced with adhesive to fill any gaps and also some moulding around the button holes. I don't this is needed, but better safe than sorry.
Yet another reinforcement and another moulding to stop the bottom panel.
The bottom panel is installed to drill the holes for the brass inserts on the exact place they need to be. I don't think this can be done with enough precision by measuring and then drilling the holes. I start with the same size as the ones in the panel (4 mm), and then remove the panel and then go to 5 mm and then finally 6 mm. It's important to go in small steps when the drilling machine isn't mounted. 
Looks just perfect. Time to install the inserts.
The inserts is placed in the holes along with some epoxy to make them stay there for good. I really love the these inserts, they look super professional and compared to making the thread directly in the acrylics, these inserts can be used again and again without ruining the thread.
The cover for the monitor is mounted behind the marquee, where it can be pushed upwards and dragged out, for cleaning, installing the monitor ect. Simple and effective system with no visible screws.

The cover is made from a 3 mm grey transparent acrylic sheet with 49% transmission. This hides the LCD monitor better and it makes the contrast look better. The drawback is that it makes it a bit more dim.

An orange moulding is placed in the bottom to compliment the whole colour scheme.

This wasn't something I planned from the beginning, just a last minute change.  

I think the orange moulding looks really good. I drilled a hole in the corner to have something to push the monitor cover upwards with.

I also installed the joystick to see if it would fit. There in under 1 mm of space under the joystick so I feared it wouldn't fit, but it did. Pew... Why all these close calls?


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If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.




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