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Step by step
The making of the Nanocade Mame cabinet
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Design &


The orange marquees is glued to the black back panel. This should make Nanocade easier to read.
This tiny piece is what's directly over the screen when looking at the cabinet.
There are six large holes on the bottom panel. I need to drill smaller holes in the middle. The large holes should cover the screw heads when installing the panel.
It's not that hard to drill holes in acrylic sheets. But if you don't have a top drilling machine, it's virtually impossible and you will tear the acrylics apart.

Good advice: Get some sort of mounting for your drill or a real top drilling machine. Use an old worn drill. The sharper it is, the more likely it is to tear the acrylics apart, or even better, get special drills for plastic. They will not tear the material apart.

The back panel and one of the sides is glued/bonded in the exact right angle. The tape dispenser is just making sure the angle stays 90 degrees.

Working with plastic sheets is much more kitchen friendly than wood working.

The reason I use the kitchen is because it's the only room with a powerful exhaust device. The adhesive is very unhealthy.

The initial bond is made and it's time to remove the foil to see how black acrylics really look. Only on the inside though, I would hate to scratch it before it's done.
This is where I mounted the moulding for the side of the cabinet. The adhesive works in only 90 sec, so I need to be quick with the gluing part and slap it on the side very fast. That's why I use the clamps for placing the moulding without having to measure op again.
And the other side too. That's a little bit easier because of the back panel. Now we are getting to the exciting part.
The two sides are glued together along with the monitor panel.  I actually forgot the panel for the monitor and remembered it just before the glue bonded. Pew...

The bottom is just for keeping the two sides perfectly parallel.

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If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.




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