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System Specs
System Specification for WeeCade

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- Ultimarc MagStik Plus - (2 pcs)
- Happ pushbuttons with cherry microswitches (11 pcs)
- Generic pushbuttons with light for pause and exit (2 pcs)
- Ultimarc Mini-PAC Encoder PCB - USB
- 2 mm laser cut stainless steel and 4 mm plexi cover.

The MagStik Plus are excellent. They can shift between 4 and 8 ways from the top of the control panel.


- 17" Viewsonic LCD 8ms - VESA mount 100x100

19" and even 22" HD widescreen has been used by others, the latter    requires more width though.

Sound system:

- Generic 2 x 8 Watt RMS 12 volt amplifier
- 2 x 4" X-Sound speakers

This is a lot of sound in a tight area. The WeeCade plays louder than most Ghetto Blasters. This makes it a fine jukebox.

System specs:

2,4 Ghz Celeron-m (conroe)
1024 MB DDR2
Asrock 1333-D667 GMA950 DDR2
450 Watt PSU

This was some of the least expensive components I could find, and it is still a very fast system for MAME and other emulators. I use a onboard gfx (GMA950). It also has a very low power usage and it doesn't produce much heat.


- Windows XP
- Maximus Arcade front-end

I am very happy with the Maximus Arcade front-end. It is easy for noobs to configure and has very advanced features too. Looks absolutely stunning.



If some of the words are new to you, look them up in the Builders WiKi


If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.


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