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System Specs
System Specification for Taitorama

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- Sanwa Ball-top joysticks JLW-TM-8 (2 pcs)
- Black Happ pushbuttons with cherry microswitches (20 pcs)
- Ultimarc MINI-PAC PS2 model with a PS2-USB converter with harness. I recommend buying the USB model instead, since the PS2 connectivity is a dying breed, but you can also buy a PS2-USB adaptor. Works just the same.
- 2 mm laser cut iron plate and plexi cover.


- 20" Mirai, 4:3 TFT 8ms, - Native 1400x1050 - VESA mount 100x100

Sound system:

- Creative I-Trigue 3200 Subwoofer - 29 watt RMS
- Sony Xplod 2 x 5 1/4 carspeakers
- Logitech Z-2300, 200 Watt RMS, THX

I have actually mounted two subwoofers in the cabinet. The Creative for the Sony Xplod carspeakers and the beefier Logitech for my home speakers. In that way I can choose only to play on my home speakers or both and finetune the volume for both. The arcade is a perfect jukebox system with the freeware program SK Jukebox. It works flawlessly with the pushbuttons and joysticks and is a hit at any party I have held. People quickly figure out the jukebox controls and can choose their own music. I really prefer the jukebox compared to any multimedia system on the TV, since the TV is more or less a partystopper when turned on.

System specs:

MSI WindBox DE200 EU

1.66 ghz intel dual core atom c330
ATi Mobility Radeon HD4330 256 MB
7.1 HD Soundcard
320 GB HD 3 1/2" SATA2
Intel 945GC Express
65 Watt PSU (Yes only 65 watts!)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium DK

I initially bought a celeron based system, but I got a pretty sweet deal on a MSI Windbox DE 200 EU mediacenter, which is a good match to the jukebox. It is silent, has VERY low power consumption and has both VGA and HDMI support and a relatively big harddisk at 320GB. Awesome for an arcade


- Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium DK
- Maximus Arcade front-end and SK Jukebox for jukebox


If some of the words are new to you, look them up in the Builders WiKi


If you decide to make your own MAME cabinet using my drawings, please feel free to make a donation,  as I'm trying to raise enough money to make a new up-right cabinet, that's hard to do as a student.


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